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Yo Mama Jokes

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Funny Jokes > Yo Mama Jokes

Yo Mama Joke

Your Mama's So Poor
·I saw her kicking a can down the street, and when I asked her what she was doing she said, "moving"!

·I saw her hanging the toilet paper out to dry!

·your family eats cereal with forks to save on milk!

·she can't afford to pay attention!

·her face is on the front of a foodstamp!

·when she goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken she has to lick other people's fingers!

·when I ring the doorbell she says,"DING!"

·she went to McDonald's and put a milkshake on layaway!

·she waves around a popsicle stick and calls it air conditioning!

·she was in K-Mart with a box of Hefty bags. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "Buying luggage."!

·when I ring the doorbell I hear the toilet flush!
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