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Funny Jokes > Bar Jokes

There are 54 jokes in the category Bar Jokes

Funny Bar Jokes for our entertainment and yours. Submit your Bar Jokes here!

Bar Jokes page 2

Bar Jokes Joke Rating Date
Finding The Car
  Bar Jokes R2  Dec 11th
Evils of Liquor
  Bar Jokes R3  Dec 03th
Deadbeat in a Bar
  Bar Jokes R2  Nov 30th
Best Reasons to Allow Drinking on the Job
  Bar Jokes R3  Nov 27th
Deaf Men in a Bar
  Bar Jokes R3  Nov 27th
Beer Festival
  Bar Jokes R3  Nov 26th
What You Got
  Bar Jokes R2.5  Nov 25th
A Round For The House
  Bar Jokes R3  Nov 23th
All You Can Drink
  Bar Jokes R3  Nov 18th
Alcoholic Side Effects
  Bar Jokes R3.5  Nov 16th
$1000 Competition
  Bar Jokes R2.5  Nov 14th
5 Stages of Being Drunk
  Bar Jokes R3.5  Nov 14th
All Lawyers are Assholes
  Bar Jokes R3.5  Oct 14th
Can I Smell Something
  Bar Jokes R3.5  Oct 14th
Extremely Drunk
  Bar Jokes R3.5  Oct 14th
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